Marilù is synonymous with Positano, telling of the magic and attraction of a multi-faceted land. Marilù is fashion, but above all it is flavours and colours, sensations and a past based on love for out work. A dip in the crystal-clear sea, a glass of wine on the beach as the sun dips behind the horizon, eating freshly cooked fish overlooking the Faraglioni.

Marilù is fashion, but above all it is flavours and colours, sensations and a past based on love for out work.


It all started back in the Seventies, in a small shack on Positano beach once used a boat shed during the winter months. It was here that a twenty-year old girl, fascinated by the colours and shapes that were changing continually at that time, started to create a new style, one that was different and unusual for that period. Wide volumes, new geometries and unevenly dyed colours, all accompanied by careful use of lace and trimmings that, when combined, created an unusual harmony, elegance and style.


Time has shown that this style and our enthusiasm were well founded. The little shop is still there, in Via del Saracino 16, with the same style, the same passion and the same desire to create marvellous things. The only things that have changed are our ambitions: more models, more fabrics and shops and customers all over the world. But the love is the same as it was forty years ago.

The passion for craftsmanship meets the style of Positano Beachwear Fashion in a love story that has lasted forty years.
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    Marilu Moda Positano

    CA. LU’. S.R.L.

    Sede legale:
    Via Montepertuso, 128
    Positano, SA, Italy

    Tel: +39 089 811 229
    Fax: +39 089 811 321
    P.iva 02350200651

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    Via dei Mulini 17
    tel: +39 089811709

    Via P. R. Giuliani 34
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    Via Mercanti 58/60
    tel: +390893180054

    Via delle Repubbliche Marinare 15
    tel: +39 089873125

    Via Sistina 103
    tel: +39 0669380251

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